*Free Filter With Every Face Cover Purchase

The filters fit both sizesMy filters have FINALLY arrived! I ordered these back in March, and after going on an adventure, they’ve finally arrived! Originally I wanted to include a filter with all the face covers sold, but since I didn’t have them, I couldn’t. Moving forward, every mask ordered will include one pm 2.5 filter *while supplies last*. I’ve even updated my inventory and added some more of your favorites 

*Filters will be included while supplies last with every non premium face cover.

Want to know more about these filters?

Why is it called 2.5?

The 2.5 in PM2.5 refers to the size of the pollutant in micrometers. Bear with us here while it gets a bit mathematics-y! Micrometers have this symbol: µm and are equivalent to 0.001 millimeters. The smallest thing that the average human eye can perceive is about 0.1 millimeters, which is around the same width as a human hair.

•  Activated carbon filters airborne particles like dust, smoke, pollution, ash, gardening pollen and so on, suitable for most occasions.
• Filtration technology: made of activated carbon and non-woven melt-blown filter cloth, five-layer filter system effectively keep away from PM 2.5 and a range of airborne contaminants.



My face covers are made from 100% cotton and are washable and reusable. 

YI recommend washing before first use.

Please understand that my face covers are not a replacement for medical grade Personal Protective Equipment, and in circumstances where medical grade Personal Protective Equipment is recommended, you should consult a health care professional. The decision to use this filter and face cover is solely your own.

Please remember that use of face covers is not intended to replace other recommended measures to stop the community spread of COVID-19, such as social distancing, washing your hands and refraining from touching your face.  Follow the latest advice of the CDC and your own health care professionals as to how best to keep yourself safe.

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